About Me: Macy Galla


I arrived to a place of giving this treatment because of my own health journey.  Through an intensive protocol that included bowel detoxification I was able to cure my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I feel so blessed to be able to help others seeking improved digestion, health, detoxification and homeostasis for themselves.

The body is truly miraculous, and can heal itself given the chance to do so.  I truly believe colon hydrotherapy can not only detoxify and help relieve many health ailments, it can also potentially add years to your life.

Colon cleansing truly saved my life and I am thrilled to help others seeking well-being with this natural and healthy treatment.

About my services


I have the best and most expensive equipment on the market for open system colon hydrotherapy.  My equipment is maintained and cleaned to exceed standard practices.  I am fully accredited with the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy; which not all practitioners are.

Here at A Gentle Wave I pride myself on having a clean and welcoming environment.  I make the entire experience one you will not only enjoy but truly look forward to coming back to again and again.

I also have the lowest prices in the Portland area for open system treatment.  Which having tried both in my humble opinion is the cleaner, safer, much more private and comfortable system.

About your health


Taking control of your health truly starts from the inside out.  Self advocation of your own journey is an important piece of your overall health puzzle. 

Just try for yourself the amazing difference a series of colon irrigation treatments can have on your overall wellbeing.  A simple google search of "before and after colonics" will demonstrate the dramatic difference some people have attained; from better skin, weight loss, improved bowl function, mood management, to so much more.  

Science is finally circling back to understanding the connection between the gut and our overall well being.  There will always be skeptics and fear mongers, but I have dedicated my life to this because I know and have seen the benefits firsthand.